Our New Membership Outline

Great Shots has created a new program to allow us to give back to members!

Our New Membership Program Outline

Great Shots appreciates the level of support given to us by our members over the last 18 months, and we have created a new program to allow us to give back to those that support us by being members.
With the new winter season knocking on our door, you will see the enforcement of our lane usage and wristband policies.
To ensure that you have lanes to warm up on with free wristbands, or a 50% discount on lane rental rates, the new program is a flat monthly fee that pays you back the following month for dollars spent at the bar.
This new program will go live on November 1st and changes from “You Committing to Us”… to “Us Committing to You”.
For the existing GS members, we have canceled all of your Minimum Spend rules for October. You will not be automatically enrolled into the new program without giving us consent.
Thank you again.

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